Plan your team's work

Whatever your sector of activity (heating, air conditioning, elevator, telecom, water, electricity ...) and the type of intervention you perform (after-sales service, preventive maintenance, control ...). With this state-of-the-art system, you can optimize the planning of your teams and organize your projects, while gaining in productivity. With AtlonMintervention, you manage the process of planning and intervention from the beginning to the end.


Parameterization and configuration

Define your different types of possible interventions, with the required skills, associated forms for reporting, and lists of authorized items. Choose to give access to more or less features or information to each user of the web application by creating user profiles.

Real time localization

Track the activities of your mobile technicians and their vehicles in real time, as well as the status of interventions. You know at any time if your field workers are available, on the road, in intervention, ... You can see at a glance if they are early or late compared to their schedule of the day.


Reports and statistics

Use the activity report to analyze the working time of field staff. Reports allow you to identify drifts related to the planning of interventions, and unjustified stoppages. The solution communicates with your billing system after an intervention validation process.

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